Tournament of Champions Glossary

This glossary contains definitions and links for key terms associated with the Tournament of Champions. For further questions, be sure to check out the Tournament of Champions Frequently Asked Questions page.

Term Definition
Player A person who plays trivia and participates at an event. Aka you! You're awesome!
Team A group of players with a specific name who work together to score the most points at an event
Event One single night of trivia at a venue. See How to Play District Trivia for more on our trivia format
Host The person who ultimately decides your points, so be nice to them. :) They're in charge of keeping the game flowing, scoring your answers, and awarding nightly prizes
Venue Where you play weekly trivia. Nightly gift card prizes are awarded to the top scoring teams.

*Note: If a venue has trivia multiple days of the week, each day is considered a separate venue (Example: Crafthouse Arlington Mondays, Crafthouse Arlington Tuesdays)
Leader Board The list of all District Trivia event scores. Where to go to see how your team ranks among all of the teams and also track your qualifying points toward becoming a Monthly Champion.
Hint of the Week Use the Hint for your Event's day to study up and guarantee your team points
We Don't Know Either
  • Podcast: Episodes (approx. 20 minutes long) are released weekly on Monday morning. Play along with the guests (all pub trivia staff or hosts) to figure out the answers to the interesting-fact based questions. Questions from the podcast will be turned into questions at our Events, so you'll guarantee points for listening. If you note the secret phrase, it is worth 5 bonus points added to your team's score
    *Note: Podcast secret phrase points are considered "bonus points" and do not count toward the overall monthly score. The secret phrase and podcast questions are not incorporated during Regionals and the Final
  • Book: Trivia you can play anywhere! Our format, in paperback form.
Tournament of Champions All teams are entered into the Tournament of Champions when they play trivia at a venue. Scores are uploaded to the leaderboard automatically. The trivia season is held twice a year: in winter (October through February) and in summer (April through August). The highest scoring team at each venue for the month will become a Monthly Champion. The Monthly Championships compete for the Venue Championship. The Venue Champions compete in Regionals. The top scoring Regional teams will move onto the Final event, where the top team will win $5000!
Trivia Month / Tournament Season Each trivia season is comprised of five trivia months. These months are roughly the same as calendar months. The difference is that the trivia month includes either four or five complete 7 day weeks. The trivia week ALWAYS starts on Monday and ALWAYS ends on a Sunday. Thus, trivia months don't always correspond to calendar months. This allows us to rank teams against each other from different venues by ensuring that each venue has an equal number of events during a given trivia week, trivia month, or trivia season.
Monthly Champion The top cumulative scoring team from a venue for the Trivia Month.

*Note: Bonus points awarded at the nightly event are at the host's discretion and do not count toward the overall monthly score.
Venue Championship The Venue Championship takes place at one event, during Venue Championship week. The trivia event is conducted as normal and teams not competing for the Venue Championship are still eligible to win the nightly gift card prizes. The top scoring Monthly Champion team during the event will be crowned "Venue Champion" and advance to the Regionals level. The Venue Champion will receive information to RSVP your team number for Regional Event. Once the numbers are in, we'll then notify each Venue Champion where which regional venue your team will compete at.

Example: Team Awesome, Team Wonderful, and Team Fantastic are the venue's 3 Monthly Champion teams. The final scores of the event are: Team Wonderful 249, Team Random 247, Team Fantastic 241. Team Wonderful wins the spot in Regionals plus the nightly first place gift card. Team Random wins 2nd place gift card. Team Wonderful is the alternate team for Regionals.
Regionals Regionals are a one-night multiple event competition among the Venue Champions teams. Regions are divided up into DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Top teams from a regional venue will advance to the Final, along with overall top-scoring teams from all Regional venues. The qualified teams will be notified by the close of business the day following Regionals if they have qualified and which Regional event they will be playing at. The Regional venue options are known in advance and are within your region (DC, MD, VA).

*Note: The number of people your team brings to Regionals, plus two players, will be the cap your team will have at the Final.
Regional Event Regionals consist of multiple events (all occurring simultaneously) at select venues within your region. We will notify Venue Champions which Regional Event their team is to attend.
Finalist The top-scoring teams from Regionals advance to the Final. Each qualified team from Regionals is a Finalist. The Finalists compete at the Final event to become Grand Champion.
Final The last event of the Tournament of Champions! A regular event, but the questions and answers are the most difficult you'll face. The top scoring team at the Final will leave with the $5000 cash prize, the second place earns $1000, third place $400, fourth $100, and fifth a robust high-five. There will also be additional prizes throughout the evening that all teams are eligible to win
Grand Champion The winning team of the Final (and the overall Tournament of Champions) - this team is the top of the top, the best of the best!
Off-season Points accumulate for the Tournament of Champions twice a year, in winter (October through February) and in summer (April through August). In March and September, points don't go toward any qualifying, but just the nightly event winner. March and September are also when Venue Championship week, Regionals, and the Final occurs.
Free Pass Within a trivia season, Monthly Champion teams from closed venues (those that do not conduct the Venue Championship) will receive a Free Pass to Regionals. Contact us if you are a Monthly Champion team from a former venue.