Why are we special?

Why are we special?

Reason 1: we are trivia done by players for players. The first trivia game we played was at New Deck Tavern in Philadelphia, PA in 1996. Yea, we know, some of us are old. Since that first game we as a staff have played at thousands of trivia nights in hundreds of bars in dozens of states. So what have we learned?

  1. Trivia is about having fun with your friends and proving to them you know more random things than they do…also proving it to everyone else at the bar.
  2. The types of questions and the format of the game are important.
  3. Who the host is, is more important.
  4. There is no such thing as a perfect format.

Lesson number 4 is why we believe that we have been successful. We love our format, but it's not possible to be perfect. We are constantly talking to the players, interacting with them in person, email and via social media. We always want to know what you as players think about us, our game and our hosts. We then take that feedback and actually do something with it.

Reason 2: District Trivia is about developing a community of people who like playing trivia. We think it's more fun when everyone can be heard.

We are smart and so are our players. Pub trivia exists because it entertains the masses in a bar setting, and a bar with a lot of people in it makes more money than an empty bar.

Reason 3: We know that each trivia night comes with prizes and that the tournament comes with huge cash benefits, but everyone knows that having dinner and drinks is the cost of an entertaining night of trivia with friends, family and sometimes strangers. People that play just for the trivia are missing the point. If you don’t support the venue, then trivia goes away.

This makes us special because it is not just District Trivia that a new venue hires; it is the entire District Trivia community.