Tournament of Champions FAQs

General Questions

  • Why the update to the Tournament structure?

    According to a large majority of teams, the most important thing has been keeping the Final stage of the Tournament of Champions free to attend (like our weekly events). Due to the high volume of qualifying venues, the only spaces able to hold the event for the anticipated 800-1000 people were hotels or convention centers. These spaces come with extremely high rental fees and would have resulted in large costs that would not be feasible without charging players to attend. In order to keep the events free and accessible to all of our players, we opted for a new Regionals-based qualifying structure. Other terms (such as the change from semi-finalist to Monthly Champion) were chosen to make each stage of the qualifying process clearer and more streamlined. Check the Tournament of Champions glossary page for more on our terminology.
  • How does my team win $5000 cash?

    First and foremost, play trivia at your weekly venue - all venues are part of the Tournament automatically. There are four steps to winning $5000 - each step involves trivia, championships, and prizes! 1) Become a Monthly Champion 2) Become Your Venue's Champion 3) Become a Top Team from Your Region 4) Win the Final
  • When do the Hint of the Week and podcast points matter?

    The Hint of the Week and We Don't Know Either are relevant for your weekly game, and the Venue Championship. They will not apply to Regionals or the Final.
  • When does each step of qualifying occur?

    For the full schedule of dates and locations, see the when is the trivia season page. Venue Championship week is Monday, March 2nd to Sunday, March 8th. Regionals are on Monday, March 23rd, with the Final on Friday, March 27th. All events occur in the evening.
  • Why are Regionals & the Final so close together?

    We placed the Regionals as far into March as possible, to allow team members the maximum amount of time to clear their schedules and attend. This date also was free of sports or holiday conflicts, allowing us to partner with select venues and keep the events free.

Monthly Championships

  • How does my team become a Monthly Champion?

    To become a Monthly Champion, your team needs to have the highest cumulative score for the trivia month at your venue. Teams will be listed on the Monthly Champion page. This formerly was known as a "semi-finalist".
  • What is a Trivia Month?

    Each trivia season is comprised of five trivia months. These months are roughly the same as calendar months. The difference is that the trivia month includes either four or five complete 7 day weeks. The trivia week ALWAYS starts on Monday and ALWAYS ends on a Sunday. Thus, trivia months don't always correspond to calendar months. This allows us to rank teams against each other from different venues by ensuring that each venue has an equal number of events during a given trivia week, trivia month, or trivia season. They are always listed out on the when is the trivia season page.
  • How do I find my team's rank/score on the leader board?

    Go to the Leader Board page. Using the dropdowns, select the correct Trivia Season and Trivia Month. Type your venue name into the text box next to "Venue" and click Filter Scores. To start over, or see a new month, click "Reset Filters". Scores are uploaded directly from the host scoresheets at the end of trivia (and are final once submitted). However, if you notice a typo in your team name on the leader board, let us know as soon as possible so we can correct.

    *Search Tip: The venue name is identical to how your venue is listed on our website, so use that as the search term for the best results.
  • Can anyone join our team during weekly games?

    Yes! Absolutely! All are welcome to play! Family or friends in town? Friend wants to try out trivia? The more the merrier!
  • There is a spelling error with my team name, so they aren't combining. How does this get fixed / what is the deadline to do so?

    Let us know as soon as possible and we will correct the error. We recommend double checking with your host the night of your trivia that your team name is spelled correctly in their scoresheet (as that is what is uploaded to the leaderboard). Any changes must be submitted within one week after your venue's final event of the month. Changing the results of Monthly Champions past that point creates an unfair advantage for teams. Teams purposefully waiting until the last minute to combine their team names in attempt to gain advantage at the Venue Championship will be disqualified.
  • I'm a Monthly Champion, but my venue closed/no longer has trivia. What happens now?

    Monthly Champion teams from former venues will receive a Free Pass to a Regional Event. Contact us for more information.
  • My venue did not have an event during Venue Championship week. Can I still attend Regionals?

    Yes your team will receive a Free Pass to a Regional Event. Contact us for more information.
  • When and why do we need to keep our team name the same?

    Teams should keep the same name for the trivia month so scores can be accumulated. Teams that do not have the same team name during the month are assumed to be different teams and will not be combined, as that would create an unfair advantage.

Venue Championships

  • Who competes to be Venue Champion?

    All Monthly Champions compete to become a Venue Champion. Teams that are not Monthly Champions still compete at the Venue Championship event and can win gift card prizes, but cannot advance to a Regional.
  • When and where will the Venue Championships take place?

    They take place at your venue during a specific week in March and September. For the Winter 2020 season, Venue Championship week will take place from Monday, March 2nd to Sunday, March 8th.
  • How does seating work?

    Seating is open - it works the way the same as a normal night of trivia at your venue.
  • My team cannot attend the Venue Championship. What happens?

    Your team is not eligible to advance. Teams need to be present to move on to the next stage. If your team swept the Monthly Championships, you still must attend to receive important RSVP information for Regionals.
  • Can my team represent more than one venue, if we win multiple Venue Championships?

    No. Your team must choose which venue to represent at Regionals. The second place Monthly Champion from the relinquished venue will become Venue Champion.
  • My team will not be able to attend our regional event. What happens?

    You may notify your host (or District Trivia staff) that you are relinquishing your Venue Champion title. The next highest scoring Monthly Champion will become Venue Champion and move on.
  • Can other, non-Monthly Champion teams, still compete during the Venue Championship week at their venue?

    Yes! The trivia event is conducted as normal and teams not competing for the Venue Championship are still eligible to win the nightly gift card prizes. The top scoring Monthly Champion team during the event will be crowned "Venue Champion" and advance to the Regionals level.
  • What is the deadline for my team to RSVP for the Regional event?

    All RSVPs for your Regional event must be submitted by Sunday, March 15th at noon. Teams will be notified where they will compete by Thursday, March 19th.
  • Why won't we know our Regional event placement in advance?

    We will be coordinating with the venues to ensure the best floor plans - tables, seats, etc for each team. By announcing after we have RSVP numbers, we can have the optimal plan across all venues.
  • Why is an accurate Regional event RSVP important?

    We choose Regional venue based on table arrangements available and the team RSVPs - for seating and comfort. An inaccurate RSVP creates issues for your team and others. Your team will only be allowed to bring a limited number of players to the Final, should your team qualify. This number is derived from your team's attendance at your Regional event, plus 2 players.The additional players are added to allow teammembers with conflicts to join on Friday's Final. The team limit maximizes the number of teams that can make it to the Final, while preventing super teams from forming.
  • What happens if my team misses the RSVP deadline?

    Let us know as soon as possible. If we still have room available, we will try to get your team into the Regional. However, this is not guaranteed.
  • It is past the RSVP deadline and my team's numbers have changed - what should we do?

    Email us as soon as possible to let us know and we can adjust plans accordingly.
  • When will we find out which Regional venue we will be competing at?

    Teams will be notified by Thursday, March 18th. Regional venues will also be posted on the Venue Champion page.

Regionals / Finalists

  • Where and when do Regionals take place?

    Regionals take place at 6 simultaneous events at select venues on Monday, March 23rd.
  • How is my Region determined?

    Regions are either DC, Maryland or Virginia. Your region is whichever one of those 3 that your weekly venue is located in.
  • How do you determine who/how many teams advance to the Final?

    At each Regional venue, the top scoring team will win a bid to the Final. Larger Regional events will guarantee second and third place as well (approximately 10% of teams at each Regional). This allows game-play to continue as normal at your venue to wager for the top spot. From there, we will take the next top scoring teams across ALL the Regional venues. This number is not exact, as we will take as many teams as possible - based o ATTENDANCE numbers and the Final event space capacity. Approximately 25% of all Venue Champions will advance to the Final.
  • How does our Regional attendance affect our team size at the final?

    The Final team size is your Regional team attendance plus two players. No exceptions.
  • How do I know which Regional venue my team will be competing at?

    Teams will be notified by Thursday, March 18th. Regional venues will also be posted on the Venue Champion page.
  • How does seating work?

    Seating will be pre-assigned, so please be sure to accurately RSVP.
  • Can my team choose or change which Regional venue we will compete at?

    No. You will be assigned a Regional Venue. It will be in DC, Maryland or Virginia (whichever region your venue is located)
  • Are the team limits the same at the Regionals and the Final?

    Yes. Strict 35 person team limit, per our normal rule. Your team size limit at the Final is your Regional attendance (NOT RSVP) plus two players.
  • Can we combine with other teams at our venue for the Regionals?

    The Tournament of Champions is supposed to determine the best of the best from the weekly, regular trivia teams. We feel combining to form super teams is against the spirit of our trivia. If we find teams to be abusing our policies, bringing in "ringers, or gaming the system in anyway, we reserve the right to disqualify teams.
  • Will there be prizes at the Regionals?

    Yes! Top teams will win venue gift cards (in addition to a spot at the Final). Your team will also have a chance to win prizes from National Geographic, including National Geographic magazines, tote bags, gift store items from the "Becoming Jane" exhibition, and more. We are partnering with National Geographic for a mind-bending "Explorer Trivia Night" event on May 1 at their headquarters here in DC (at the same location where the Final will be held!
  • How long does the Regional last?

    We aim for all our events to be 2 hours. With the volume of teams, it will most likley be 2:15-30.
  • Why do Monthly Champion teams start Regionals with 10 points?

    Venue Champions had to compete against the other Monthly Champions to earn their place at Regionals, while the Free Pass winning teams from former venues did not. Because the journey was more difficult with an added layer of competition, Venue Champions will start Regionals with 10 points.
  • If my team can't make the Final, can I have another team play for me? / We know the team that placed above us at Regionals is not going to go... do we get to go?

    Any team that cannot play in the Final but is participating in a Regional needs to let District Trivia staff know. They will not be considering for a finalist spot, so should their score qualify that spot would open up for more teams to attend.
  • Are all of the Regional Venues Handicapped Accessible?

    Yes. Contact the venue directly for specific questions and please let us know in your RSVP.
  • What if all the "good" teams are in our Region?

    The finalists are determined from scores at ALL Regional venues, so you'd be competing against them regardless of which venue you're at.
  • Will the questions be harder at Regionals? / Are the questions the same at each Regional venue?

    They will be slightly more difficult than a normal night of trivia. Questions will be the same across all Regional venues to ensure fair qualifying.
  • I play on two different nights on two different teams... can I play with both at the Regionals?

    No. You may only play for one team. Regional events occur simultaneously.
  • Our teammate wasn't able to play with us at Regionals, can they play with us at the Final?

    At the Final, each team is allowed TWO additional players from their Regional attendance, so it's up to your team who gets those two spots. They're designed to be for teammates who could not attend the Regional event.
  • Why do some Regionals have more teams than others?

    This is based solely on venue capacity and seating. Qualifying is across all venues.
  • Will other weekly trivia events still occur while Regionals are happening?

    Yes! Venues that are scheduled on the day-of-the-week that Regionals occur will still have their normal trivia. Points only count for the nightly prizes because it is the off-season.
  • When will our team be notified if we are a Finalist and competing in the Final?

    All finalist teams will be posted by close of business on Tuesday, March 24th.

The Final

  • When and where does the Final take place?

    The Final takes place on Friday, March 27th at the National Geographic Museum in Downtown DC.
  • Is there a team size limit?

    Your team's limit at the Final is your Regional attendance plus two players.
  • How does seating work?

    Seating will be pre-assigned based on numbers. Your team will have a reserved tabled.
  • In addition to the Grand prize of $5000, what other prizes are there?

    The second place earns $1000, third place $400, fourth $100, and fifth a robust high-five. There will also be additional prizes throughout the evening that all teams are eligible to win, including National Geographic magazines, tote bags, gift store items from the "Becoming Jane" exhibition, and more.
  • My team has no chance at the top prize. Why should we attend?

    Believe in yourself! If you made it this far, you definitely have a shot at the top prize. This event is one of the largest trivia events in the country and a celebration of the fun we have all season long. If you qualify and don't notify us that you're not attending, you are preventing other teams from their chance to win money and prizes.
  • How long does the Final last?

    The Final will last just over 2 hours.
  • What does my team need to bring?

    Bring a cell phone cage for your team. Phones will be deposited here during rounds to prevent cheating. The top 3 cages (as voted on by the District Trivia hosts) earn bonus points and other fantastic prizes. If your team wants to participate in the best dressed team category, be sure to wear your "uniform". Also, please be sure to come thirsty and hungry - plan on purchasing food and drinks, as this allows us to keep the event free to attend. Lastly, bring a good attitude. This event is a celebration of trivia! Have fun, enjoy the moment, and get ready to have a lot of new knowledge to drop on the office Monday morning.
  • Will there be food and drink served?

    Yes, the National Geographic cafeteria is fully equipped with professional chefs and various food stands from throughout the world. We'll have bars on-site as well. Come hungry and thirsty!
  • Will the questions be harder at the Final?

    Absolutely. This is to give away $5000. We aren't going to make it easy!
  • Do all teams enter the Final with same number of points (previously difference between Finalist and Free Pass)?

    All teams enter the Final with the same number of points, as Free Passes only count for the Regional stage.


  • Can I bring in "ringers" for these events?

    The idea of the Tournament of Champions is to determine the best weekly trivia team in the DMV. We ask that all our teams keep that in mind. District Trivia reserves the right to disqualify any team at any time if they are going against the spirit of our game.
  • Does my team have to participate if we qualify?

    You don't have to! But just let us know so we can give your spot to a team that want to use their chance to win prizes!
  • Are guests/friends allowed to come watch, but not participate?

    They will not be able to sit with your team table. Any person at a table is considered a trivia player. There will be no room for spectators at Regionals. At the Final, Spectators/teams there to play just for fun, will be assigned seating off to the side, if it is available.
  • Are venues that start in September or March eligible for the Final / to become Grand Champion?

    They are not eligible for the current playoff that is happening during the month. They will join in and will qualify during the next upcoming season.
  • What is the policy for trivia players under the age of 21?

    This is on a venue-by-venue basis. If your Regional venue does not allow under-21s, they will not be eligible to participate. Speak to your regional venue directly. No exceptions. The Final will allow under-21s.
  • What if I NEED my phone during an event?

    Doctor on call? Wife about to have a baby? Need to check a health monitor? Talk to staff individually and we will work something out that allows you access and prevents the perception of cheating.
  • Can a teammemeber be late to Venue Championship, Regionals or the Final and still participate?

    Yes, they must immediately put their phones away and can join right into the event.
  • When does the next season start?

    The next trivia season (Summer 2020) will begin on Monday, March 30th.
  • But I still have a question...

    Click the envelope at the top left corner. Select "tournament" from the dropdown options. Someone from the staff will respond as quickly as possible. Please note you'll have to solve a simple math problem (like 5+7) to prove you're not a robot.