What is "We Don't Know Either"?

We Don’t Know Either is a podcast of pure mild amusement. The guys and gals that write the questions for City Trivia have always had pretty stupid conversations about what is going on in the world. It's how we come to a consensus on how the question will be worded and what topics will be going into trivia each week. We decided to record these conversations for your entertainment. Congratulations! You are now a fly on the wall at the City Trivia office. You get to look over our shoulders and peek at the answer sheets days before you have to show up at the bar. We are also kinda funny, so we've got that going for us too.

The We Don't Know Either team has brought you their mild amusement in book form! Available now at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Target.com, or your favorite book store!

Remember... we may write the questions, but We Don’t Know Either.

  • We Don't Know Either - Episode #360
    Gratefully Not Dead to See This Jersey

    Lindsey, Michael, Gerard, and Andrew discuss their interesting facts, an entry into greatest sports uniform of all-time, and how many square feet the ENIAC computer actually took up.

  • We Don't Know Either - Episode #359
    The Place Where We Belong

    Lindsey, Nick, and Michael discuss their interesting facts, the first major studio film to be dubbed in Navajo, and the only two people who have written or co-written two official U.S. state songs.

  • We Don't Know Either - Episode #358
    It's Caturday

    Lindsey, Michael, Nick, and Sam discuss their interesting facts, the highest grossing hand-drawn movie, and non-stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

  • We Don't Know Either - Episode #357
    Let's Go Chasing Waterfalls

    Lindsey, Michael, Joe, and Jonathan discuss their interesting facts, how the standard citizen could violate the Constitution, and the largest waterfall in the world.

  • We Don't Know Either - Episode #356
    Breakfast & Broomsticks

    Lindsey, Michael, Jonathan, and Joe discuss their interesting facts, Norwegian holiday traditions, and a (spoiler-free) Star Wars fact.

  • We Don't Know Either - Episode #355
    The GamerDoc is In (the studio)

    Lindsey, Michael and GamerDoc discuss their interesting facts, most hours streamed in a month, and how to build healthy habits during video game play.

  • We Don't Know Either - Episode #354
    THE Gerard is Here

    Lindsey, Michael, Carson, and Gerard discuss their interesting facts, the world's most expensive cities, and how ironic "Ironic" actually is.

  • We Don't Know Either - Episode #353
    100 Degrees of Fact Separation

    Lindsey, Michael, Nick, and Andrew (Manager & Sr. Puzzle Designer at Bond's Escape Room) discuss their interesting facts, Major League Eating, and how a famous beard influenced the game of Life.

  • We Don't Know Either - Episode #352
    You Could Go Chasing Dinosaurs

    Lindsey, Michael, and Elise discuss their interesting facts, protests in technology, and which Nativity character could lead to the highest potential earnings.

  • We Don't Know Either - Episode #351
    The Redrunkables

    Lindsey, Nick, Michael, and Sam record the 50-episode drunkcast - where they discuss the most rewatchable movies of all-time, the strongest beer ABV, and how much a cloud weighs (again).