Who are the Venue Champions?

Venue Champions compete at Regionals to become a Finalist.

For more information about how your team can win the $5000 grand prize, see the Tournament of Champions page, Trivia season date page, TOC FAQS, and TOC Glossary.

*Monthly Champions from former venues will receive a free pass to Regionals. Contact us for more information and how to RSVP. Because Venue Champions had an extra layer of competition to make Regionals, all Venue Champion teams will start the Regional event with 10 points, while Free Pass qualifiers start at 0.*

The Winter 2020 Venue Champions

Venue Champion Team Region Regional Event Venue
Agua 301 TBD DC TBD
Austin Grill TBD VA TBD
Bonchon (Arlington) TBD VA TBD
Church Hall TBD DC TBD
Crafthouse (ARL MON) TBD VA TBD
Franklin Hall TBD DC TBD
Highline RxR TBD VA TBD
Lahinch Tavern TBD MD TBD
Looney's Pub (Monday) TBD MD TBD
Lost & Found TBD DC TBD
Ragtime TBD VA TBD
World of Beer (RVILL MON) TBD MD TBD
Wunder Garten (MON) TBD DC TBD
3 Stars Brewing Company TBD DC TBD
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (Cville) TBD VA TBD
America Eats Tavern TBD DC TBD
Auld Shebeen TBD VA TBD
The Board Room VA TBD VA TBD
Bonchon (Navy Yard) TBD DC TBD
Boundary Stone TBD DC TBD
Bungalow (Chantilly) TBD VA TBD
Caddies on Cordell TBD MD TBD
Crafthouse (ARL TUE) TBD VA TBD
Crafthouse Fairfax TBD VA TBD
Crafthouse Reston TBD VA TBD
Crimson TBD DC TBD
Exiles Bar TBD DC TBD
Froggy Bottom Pub TBD DC TBD
Hawk 'n Dove TBD DC TBD
Jefferson Ale House (VA) / Copperwood Tavern (One Loudoun) TBD VA TBD
The Limerick Pub TBD MD TBD
Maddy's Tap Room TBD DC TBD
Moreland's Tavern TBD DC TBD
Penn Social TBD DC TBD
Pike Kitchen TBD MD TBD
Pizzeria Paradiso (SV) TBD DC TBD
Rhodeside Grill TBD VA TBD
South Riding Inn TBD VA TBD
Thirsty Crow TBD DC TBD
World of Beer (Bethesda TUE) TBD MD TBD
Astro Beer Hall TBD DC TBD
Barking Rose TBD VA TBD
The Berliner TBD DC TBD
The Big Stick TBD DC TBD
The Block (North Bethesda) TBD MD TBD
Brass Tap TBD MD TBD
Brickside TBD MD TBD
City Works (Tysons) TBD VA TBD
Clare and Don's TBD VA TBD
Copa Kitchen & Bar TBD VA TBD
The Coupe TBD DC TBD
Courthaus Social TBD VA TBD
Crown & Crow TBD DC TBD
Denizens (Riverdale) TBD MD TBD
Duke's Grocery TBD DC TBD
Fat Pete's BBQ (Clev Park) TBD DC TBD
Finn McCool's TBD DC TBD
Homestead TBD DC TBD
Hops N Shine TBD VA TBD
Inca Social TBD VA TBD
Irish Channel TBD DC TBD
Looney's Pub (Wednesday) TBD MD TBD
O'Sullivan's (Clarendon) TBD VA TBD
Provision No. 14 TBD DC TBD
Smoke & Barrel TBD DC TBD
Spanky's Shenanigans TBD VA TBD
Sully's Pour House TBD VA TBD
William Jeffrey's Tavern TBD VA TBD
Wingo's (Glover Park) TBD DC TBD
World of Beer (RVILL WED) TBD MD TBD
Wunder Garten (WED) TBD DC TBD
Across the Pond TBD DC TBD
b DC Penn Quarter TBD DC TBD
Blue Iguana TBD VA TBD
The Board and Brew TBD MD TBD
Bulldog Tavern TBD DC TBD
Burger District TBD VA TBD
Capitol Cider House TBD DC TBD
City Winery TBD DC TBD
Commentary Social House TBD VA TBD
The Fainting Goat TBD DC TBD
Hen Quarter (Alexandria) TBD VA TBD
Kalypso's Sports Tavern TBD VA TBD
Pizzeria Paradiso (MD) TBD MD TBD
Roofers Union TBD DC TBD
True Respite Brewing Co. TBD MD TBD
UNO (Union Station) TBD DC TBD
Willies Brew & Cue TBD DC TBD
Bar Elena TBD DC TBD
City Tap House TBD DC TBD
D.C. Reynolds TBD DC TBD
Free State TBD DC TBD
Mason Social TBD VA TBD
Roy Boys (Navy Yard) TBD DC TBD
Roy Boys (Shaw) TBD DC TBD
Siné Irish Pub TBD VA TBD
World of Beer (Bethesda SUN) TBD MD TBD