How to play Google Proof Trivia?

Google Proof Trivia is our way of giving you your trivia fix during the workday. We currently do one style of game each week that puts you to the test... but remember, like everything... this is a competition. The first person to post the correct answer wins that week's Google Proof Trivia. We'll respond to each post with feedback on the accuracy of the answer. Deleting or hiding your answers will get you disqualified.

District Trivia currently offers Google Proof Trivia one day per week, but we are striving to increase that number.

There are 5 types of Google Proof Trivia challenges that you can play:

  • Movie Madness – We will post 5 screen shots of 5 well known movies. Your challenge is to identify all 5 movies. The screen shots are vague and can not be found on a Google image search so the difficulty level is high. Once you have identified the 5 movies you will have to research the cast and crew. One of the cast or crew members of the movie is relevant. Once you have all 5 movie titles and all 5 relevant cast members, you will need to find the 6th movie that all 5 members cast or crew members have in common. It's not easy, but then it wouldn’t be "Google Proof Trivia" if it was, would it?
  • Travel Trivia – We will post a fun short story. In that story you will be given interesting details about 5 locations that have a common theme. You need to tell to provide the 5 locations and the common theme. Sound easy? Wrong again. The interesting details are obscure and will require you to do research.
  • Wiki Train of Thought - Ever starting reading a page on a Wiki and 2 hours later you're reading a Wiki page about a radically different topic? We provide the first Wiki page and the last Wiki page. You mission is to find the quickest path between those two Wiki pages by clicking on links within the Wiki article. Menus, information boxes, navigation boxes, etc are off limits. The links must be within the body of the Wiki article.
  • Reverse Image Search – We do a Google Image Search with 5 words and post the resulting top 3 lines of images. We occasionally alter an image if it include something we don’t want it to, but the bulk of the image remains. Your goal is to tell us the 5 words we used to find those specific images. Once you find the 5 words you should be able to check your answer by performing the same search we did and returning the same images we posted.
  • Foursomes – We will provide 64 words. Your goal is to organize these words into groups of 4 with a common theme. For example, colors. But be careful, some words can be in multiple groups, but only one combination of groups works correctly. At the end you'll have 16 groups of four words.
  • What is all of this for?

    Well, there's always bragging rights, but that's not very humble or tangible. So District Trivia is giving away a FREE PASS to the CSN Trivia Challenge and Tournament of Champions finals to anyone who can win 3 Google Proof Trivia Challenges.