What is the CSN Trivia Challenge?


District Trivia is partnered with Comcast SportsNet to bring Washington area trivia to the next level! The CSN Trivia Challenge gives you a chance to win over $10,000 in cash annually!


The CSN Trivia Challenge is an additional District Trivia tournament. This tournament doesn't replace the Tournament of Champions but supplements it with additional chances to win cash! The teams that qualify for the Tournament of Champions from CSN participating venues win a spot in the CSN Trivia Challenge finals. But don't worry, these teams will also be qualified for the Tournament of Champions.


The CSN Trivia Challenge occurs twice a year in Summer and Winter seasons, at the same time as the Tournament of Champions. The Summer season is from May through August with the semi-finals and finals taking place in September. The Winter season is from November through February with the semi-finals and finals taking place in March. The tournament runs concurrently with your normal weekly trivia event, so teams and scores are automatically entered. All you have to do is show up and play trivia. This also means that we give away $5,000 in cash twice a year!


At any CSN participating District Trivia venue. Where is trivia? All across the greater DC area. All CSN Trivia Challenge participating venues are tagged with the CSN Trivia Challenge logo in the bottom right corner. If you don't see your favorite venue listed then send a message via the venue's Facebook, Twitter, or email and ask the management to signup with District Trivia's CSN Trivia Challenge.


Because we wanted to provide you another way to win cash for loving trivia.


There are multiple ways to qualify for the CSN Trivia Challenge:

  1. Be the top point scoring team at a CSN participating venue for a single month during the Tournament of Champions to qualify for the semi-finals. Then win the semi-finals at for that CSN participating venue and, as a finalist, you've earned a trip to the CSN Trivia Challenge. The best part about this path to the Finals? Your team will start the Finals with 10 bonus points.
  2. Win a Free Pass at one of the CSN participating venues. During the course of the Tournament of Champions select venues will have one night where that night's winning team earns a Free Pass to the Tournament of Champions Finals. If that venue is a CSN participating venue then the Free Pass winner will also get a Free Pass to the CSN Trivia Challenge Finals.
    1. More questions? Check out our FAQs with more event details. Let the competition for the $5000 cash begin!