New TOC Structure

February 10th, 2020


We've heard your feedback and are updating our Tournament of Champions qualifying structure. We hope this new format will increase the overall quality of our events (and keep the Final free!), and the clearer language will make it easier to know how to win the $5000 cash grand prize! The Tournament of Champions now has a Regionals-based qualifying structure! Each level will give you opportunities to win prizes, in addition to the grand prize of $5000, so there are more chances for your team to win!

The Venue Championship week will take place Monday, March 2nd to Sunday, March 8th. Regionals are on Monday, March 23rd at select venues and the Final will take place at the National Geographic Museum on Friday, March 27th.

Check out the following pages for in-depth information about the exciting changes: Trivia season date page / Frequently Asked Questions / TOC Glossary.

The following steps will lead you to the grand prize!

  • Step 1: Become a Monthly Champion

    Every night at each venue, team scores are automatically uploaded to the leader board. No need to sign-up in advance, but be sure to keep your team name the same for the duration of the trivia month. Each month, the highest cumulative team score from your venue will be the Monthly Champion. This was formerly known as "becoming a semi-finalist".
  • Step 2: Become your Venue's Champion

    At the end of the 5 month season, the Monthly Champions will compete against each other at their regular night of trivia for the Venue Championship. The top scoring Monthly Champion that night will become the Venue Champion. All Venue Champions (one from each venue) will advance to Regionals.
  • Step 3: Become a Finalist

    Venue Champions will compete in a one-night trivia event - Regionals. Regions are divided up into DC, Maryland, and Virginia. As the Venue Champion, you'll receive information to RSVP your team size. We'll then notify you which regional venue your team will play at. At each Regional venue, the top scoring team will win a bid to the Final. Larger Regional events will guarantee second and third place as well (approximately 10% of teams at each Regional). This allows game-play to continue as normal at your venue to wager for the top spot. From there, we will take the next top scoring teams across ALL the Regional venues. This number is not exact, as we will take as many teams as possible - based on attendance numbers and the Final event space capacity. All qualified teams are Finalists
  • Step 4: Win the Final

    The Final is a competition between the best of the best teams - they've risen out of Regionals. The Tournament of Champions Final is a one-night event. The top scoring team at the Final will become Grand Champion and leave with the $5000 cash prize, the second place earns $1000, third place $400, fourth $100, and fifth a robust high-five. There will also be additional prizes awarded throughout the night.
How to Win $5K