When is the Tournament of Champions Trivia Season?

Use the below charts to follow the "when" of the Tournament of Champions. The trivia season is held twice a year: in winter (October through February) and in summer (April through August). The Venue Champions will compete in Regionals. The top scoring Regional teams will move onto the Final event, where the top team will win $5000!

Each trivia season is comprised of five trivia months. These months are roughly the same as calendar months. The difference is that the trivia month includes either four or five complete 7 day weeks. The trivia week ALWAYS starts on Monday and ALWAYS ends on a Sunday. Thus, trivia months don't always correspond to calendar months. This allows us to rank teams against each other from different venues by ensuring that each venue has an equal number of events during a given trivia week, trivia month, or trivia season.

During the playoffs and off-season (September, March) we still host weekly trivia, but the scores are only used to award the nightly prizes. See the Tournament of Champions Frequently Asked Questions Page and the Tournament of Champions Glossary for more information

Winter 2020 Trivia Months & Venue Championships

Trivia Month Start Date End Date
October 2019 Monday, September 30th Sunday, November 3rd
November 2019 Monday, November 4th Sunday, December 1st
December 2019 Monday, December 2nd Sunday, December 29th
January 2020 Monday, December 30th Sunday, February 2nd
February 2020 Monday, February 3rd Sunday, March 1st
Venue Championship Week Monday, March 2nd Sunday, March 8th


At each Regional venue, the top scoring team will win a bid to the Final. Larger Regional events will guarantee second and third place as well (approximately 10% of teams at each Regional). From there, we will take the next top scoring teams across ALL the Regional venues. This number is not exact, as we will take as many teams as possible - based on attendance numbers and the Final event space capacity.

Date Time Venues Guaranteed Finalists
Monday, March 23rd 7:30PM Astro Beer Hall (DC) 2
Crown & Crow (DC) 1
Penn Social (DC) 3
World of Beer (Bethesda) (MD) 2
The Board Room (VA) 2
Courthaus Social (VA) 2


For the Final, your team's maximum size will be your team's attendance at your Regional event, plus 2 additional players.

Date Time Venue
Friday, March 27th 7:00PM National Geographic Museum