Summer 2017 Finals - Frequently Asked Questions

All team members should read these FAQs prior to attending the finals. If you still have a ?, please contact us by clicking the envelope in the upper left hand corner.

  • What are the prizes for the CSN Trivia Challenge?

    We're paying out the top 4 places. The grand prize is $5000! 2nd will receive $1000, 3rd $400 and 4th $100. If you place 5th, Lindsey will award your team high-fives.
  • Did my team qualify for the finals?

    If your team won your venue's semi-finals, then you are qualified as a finalists. Teams can also qualify via Free Pass. Semi-finalist teams from former venues (indicated by "-" for latter months of season) also receive a free pass. Click on the links to see if your team is qualified.
  • My team qualified, what happens now?

    The team member who gave their contact information to the host on the Free Pass or semi-finals night has received an email survey to RSVP. Teams must RSVP by noon on Tuesday, September 19th. We recommend getting food & drink tickets in advance (HERE), reading the remaining FAQs on this page and getting your cell phone cage plans finalized.
  • My team is qualified, but we didn't receive an email to RSVP. What should we do?

    We've sent an email to all addresses we have. There is always a possibility of a typo or that the information was not collected. Please click envelope in the top left corner and send us an email.
  • When are the Summer 2017 CSN Trivia Challenge Finals?

    The CSN Trivia Challenge finals will take place on Saturday, September 23rd, 2017. Trivia begins promptly at 7pm and doors open at 6pm.
  • Where are the Summer 2017 CSN Trivia Challenge Finals?

    The CSN Trivia Challenge finals will be held at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City. Signs will direct players to the specific ballroom where the event will occur.
  • ... but that's in Virginia?

    Your skills at geography are exceptional. Yes, for the D.C. crowd, you'll have to make the 'oh so dreaded' trip across the river. We're hosting a free event and giving away over $6000 in cash prizes, so if that doesn't motivate you, nothing will.
  • How should we get there?

    Hyatt Regency Crystal City is less than a 15 minute walk from the Crystal City metro. They also offer a complimentary shuttle from the metro to the hotel. Ride-sharing apps or taxis are great as well - there is a drop-off area in the front of the hotel. If you are driving to the event, there is valet parking onsite or plenty of garages in the area.
  • We want to stay overnight. Is there an event room rate?

    Yes, the Hyatt Regency Crystal City is offering a discounted rate for trivia players at $109. If you would like to take advantage of this great offer, have your team representative provide your email in the RSVP entry. Staff from the Hyatt will contact directly to handle the reservation and booking. Rooms are limited and are on a first come, first serve basis.
  • How important is it for my team's RSVP to be accurate?

    Extremely. Seating and tables will be laid out in advance and reserved. Your team will receive the exact seating numbers that your captain provides on the RSVP. Late additions will have to stand. Teams that request an unreasonable amount of extra seats will be penalized. If your team's RSVP changes drastically following the Tuesday deadline, please let us know immediately.
  • Is there a team size limit?

    According to our rules, the maximum team size is 35. Yes, seriously. Do not go over this number. Most tables are 10-tops, so large teams will be split up across tables. However, tables will be geographically close to each other. The minimum team size is 1.
  • What is the cost to attend?

    We here at District Trivia have worked tirelessly to keep this event free for all trivia players to attend. The only way this event continues to be free for our players is through food and drink sales. So please, eat, drink & be merry.
  • What is the food and drink situation?

    There will be an abundance of food and beverages on-site. Food and drink sales at the event are CASH ONLY. You can purchase tickets in advance via credit card HERE. Tickets are sold in $2 increments. Each ticket is redeemable for $2 in food and beverage. At checkout, select multiple tickets to increase the value. Purchase tickets based on how much food and beverage you expect to consume. You will be able to purchase more tickets at the event, but we encourage advanced purchases to limit you and your team's wait time (aka earlier beers). Bring a proof of purchase with you on the day of the event so we can hand to the tickets to redeem. We do have a vegan option. We've worked closely with the Hyatt staff to ensure prices are as low as possible and similar to your average venue.
    • $4: Tater tots, onion rings, large pizza slice
    • $6: 2 Brownies/cookies, juices
    • $8: Beer
    • $10: Chicken tenders, salad, cocktails, select wine
    • $12: Champagne, cordials, top tier cocktails, top tier wine
    • $20: Whole pizza
    • *Prices include gratuity, service charge & taxes. There will be no refunds of tickets at the event or after.*

  • Is there an ATM?

    Yes, there is an ATM on the premises. However, we suggest players buy tickets in advance and bring cash with them.
  • Are under-21s allowed?

    Yes, under-21s are allowed. The event is for 18+ only. The 21+ crowd will be carded at the door and given a wristband in order to obtain alcoholic beverages at the bar. Any underage drinking will not be tolerated - the team will be immediately disqualified and excused from the event.
  • What does my team need to bring?

    Teams should bring a cell phone cage (see next question). Individuals should bring a print out of advanced food & drink tickets, cash and a fun attitude.
  • What is a cell phone cage?

    These are creative boxes/containers used to hold cell phones during trivia play. The top cell phone cages (as voted on by our hosts) will receive bonus points and additional prizes. Get creative! No globes/literature/etc that could provide answers are allowed.
  • What is different about the trivia at the finals versus a normal night at our venue?

    The trivia is much, much harder - don't be discouraged, you're not supposed to get 'em all right. Otherwise, it follows the same format as our weekly events.
  • Will there be any hints?

    The Hint of the Week and the We Don't Know Either podcast won't help you at finals, but we appreciate you listening.
  • Why do some teams have points before trivia even starts?

    In an effort to give as many teams as possible a chance to earn a spot in the finals events, we have had multiple ways of qualifying. The grinders among you have put in the time and spent 5 months clawing your way to the top. Because of your dedication, the teams that qualified as a finalist via the monthly semi-finals route will receive 10 bonus points at the finals. District Trivia understands that life happens, so we offer Free Pass during the course of the tournament season to allow teams to head straight to the finals. Free Pass winners will start trivia with 0 points, while finalists will begin with 10. All qualification bonus points will be added to the scores at the end of Round 1.
  • How do you prevent cheating?

    Cell phones must be deposited into a team's cell phone cage at the start of each round. Hosts will be walking around and monitoring during trivia. Any team suspected of cheating will be immediately disqualified.
  • Wasn't there two finals events in the past?

    You have a great memory! In the past, we hosted both CSN Trivia Challenge and Tournament of Champions finals events. This season, all venues became CSN Trivia Challenge eligible. Thus, we combined the finals into one big massive event. This also allows us to pay out higher prize values and raffle giveaways.
  • A teammate will be late - can they still play?

    Teammates arriving late can still play. Upon their arrival, a host will escort them to the team table and they must immediately deposit their cell phone into the cage.
  • If my team doesn't place in the top 5, can I still win prizes?

    We do raffle prizes - ranging from concert tickets to venue gift cards to swag - between rounds. All you have to do for a chance to win is show up and your team name is entered.
  • We want to play in the finals, but we didn't qualify. Can we still play?

    The event is open for additional teams. However, seating is not guaranteed. Please let us know if your non-qualified team is planning to attend by clicking in the upper left corner.
  • Is there a dress code?

    LOL. No dress code. We always appreciate teams that coordinate tshirts, goofy hats, etc. We love it when you show off your awesomeness!
  • Is there an after party?

    The after party will take place at Highline RxR immediately following the conclusion of finals. Highline is only a few blocks away from the Hyatt - in walking distance, so it'll be easy to keep the party going!
  • ... I still have a question

    Impressive! Click the envelope in the upper left hand corner and a member of District Trivia staff will assist you as soon as possible.