Summer 2019 Finals Frequently Asked Questions

  • Did my team make it to the finals?

    Check the finalists page to see if your team qualified.
  • Where will the 2019 Summer Tournament of Champions Finals be held?

    National Housing Center
    1201 15th Street NW • Washington, DC 20005
  • When will the 2019 Summer Tournament of Champions Finals be held?

    The finals will take place on Saturday, September 28th at 7pm. Doors will open at 6pm. Trivia will begin promptly at 7pm.
  • How do we get to the National Housing Center?

    The National Housing Center is easily accessible! We encourage all participants to drink responsibly and not drive to the event. There are metro stations just a few blocks away (McPherson Square and Farragut North). If you are driving, there are plenty of parking garages nearby.
  • What are the prizes for the finals?

    We're paying out the top 4 places. The grand prize is $5000! 2nd will receive $1000, 3rd $400, and 4th $100. If you place 5th, Lindsey will award your team high-fives.
  • My team has no chance at the top prize. Why should we attend?

    Whoa. Have some confidence. We believe in you! That being said, we do lots of raffle prizes throughout the night. This year's bonus prizes include Bond's Escape Room , All Things Go Fall Classic tickets, National Geographic Society bags, venue gift cards, and much, much more! All teams are eligible to win these prizes (we throw EVERY team name in a bucket!).If you don't like the chance of winning prizes, the finals is a celebration of trivia - it's a lively, fun atmosphere and one of the biggest trivia gatherings in the country.
  • How long do finals last?

    We strive to keep all of our trivia events approximately 2 hours long, but finals tends to be an exception. Due to the high volume of teams, question difficulty (see below), and the occasional debate about birds/spaceships/Presidents' body hair, the duration of finals is increased. We always try run the smoothest event possible within a reasonable (and still fun!) length, so we aim to be around 2.5 hours, but realistically it will be about 3.
  • What does my team need to bring?

    Bring a cell phone cage for your team. Phones will be deposited here during rounds to prevent cheating. The top 3 cages (as voted on by the District Trivia hosts) earn bonus points and other fantastic prizes. If your team wants to participate in the best dressed team category, be sure to wear your "uniform". Also, please be sure to come thirsty and hungry - plan on purchasing food and drinks, as this allows us to keep the event free to attend. Each member of your team should bring identification (remember - strictly 21+). Individuals without ID will not be permitted to enter. Lastly, bring a good attitude. This event is a celebration of trivia! Have fun, enjoy the moment, and get ready to have a lot of new knowledge to drop on the office Monday morning.
  • I'm the team rep and my team qualified, but I did not receive the RSVP email.

    Email us at tournament at district-trivia dot com and we will diagnosis the issue and resend the link. The RSVP email comes to your inbox via SurveyMonkey, so be sure to check your Spam folder and ask your email why it hates us. The RSVP link is sent out within 2 weeks of semi-finals and teams have approximately 1 week to RSVP. Do not wait until the last minute or week of the Finals to email us that you're missing an RSVP link - table layouts and final counts must be submitted the week leading up to the event, so we may not be able to accommodate your team.
  • How important is it to accurately RSVP?

    EXTREMELY. If your count is off, you're not only hurting your teammates, but other teams as well. Accurate RSVP totals will be critical. Help us ensure a smooth event for all. Please also let us know if one of your teammates has a special need (such as accessible seating) so we can accommodate accordingly. Individual seats for extremely large teams are not guaranteed. For seating purposes, team sizes of 6, 8 are ideal, along with 10-12. We will always do our best to get seats for every team member.
  • What does it take to RSVP? What happens if my team doesn't do this?

    All qualified teams who want to play in the finals are required to RSVP accurately in advance. The link will take approximately 2 minutes to complete. Before filling out the RSVP, know the number of players who will attend, which venue you qualified at (choose one if your team qualified at multiple), and read the entirety of this Frequently Asked Question page - AND SHARE THIS PAGE WITH YOUR TEAM MEMBERS. . Should you have questions about the process or major updates to attendance numbers after the RSVP deadline, please email us at tournament at district trivia dot com. If your team does not RSVP, we will not be able to guarantee a writing surface, seats, or entry. Be sure to respond to the RSVP by the deadline. All team members must bring their ID - only 21+ will be permitted inside the premises.
  • When is the deadline to RSVP?

    The deadline to RSVP is Friday, September 20th BY 12pm.
  • It is past the RSVP deadline and my team's numbers have changed - what should I do?

    We would much rather know an accurate team size. If your RSVP number changes after the deadline, please email us as soon as possible at tournament at district-trivia dot com. We will not guarantee entry for teams that miss the RSVP deadline. If we can still accomodate your team, we will notify your team as soon as possible and adjust the table layout accordingly.
  • My team cannot attend the finals. Should we still RSVP?

    Yes, please RSVP and respond "0" to question number 4.
  • What happens if my team misses the RSVP deadline?

    The RSVP deadline is strict. Email us at tournament at district-trivia dot com as soon as you can. There are no guarantees we will be able to accommodate your team after the deadline, but we will do our best and let you know.
  • Can my team represent multiple venues?

    No. Teams can only represent one venue at the finals.
  • Can we change our team name?

    No. You must use the same team name you qualified with. When you RSVP, be sure to put the correct spelling of your team name in the text box.
  • How does seating work?

    Seating will be determined by team size and how that fits into the table layout of the National Housing Center. Larger teams may be broken up across multiple tables, but they will be within an arm's reach. Do not move chairs at the venue. They are specifically laid out based on RSVPs and counted per team.
  • Are guests/friends allowed to come watch, but not participate?

    Everyone in the venue is assumed to be playing trivia and must abide by the rules. There is no spectator area. You can invite them to play on your team (be sure you or your team captain RSVPs accurately).
  • Are venues that started in September eligible for the finals?

    No, all venues that begin trivia after Sunday, September 1st (the official end of the Summer 2019 Trivia Season) will not qualify a team for the finals. The Winter 2020 tournament starts on Monday, September 30th.
  • I want to play in the finals and I have not qualified, can I still play?

    All are welcome at District Trivia events, however only the teams that qualified are eligible for prizes. Space is extremely limited however and entrance is not guaranteed.
  • Will there be any hints?

    Big prizes mean bigger stakes. That means you and your team will rely solely on that random knowledge you've managed to collect. The We Don't Know Either podcast and the Hint of the Week will help you on a regular night of trivia at your venue, but not during the finals.
  • How difficult are the questions?

    The questions at the finals are more challenging than a regular night of trivia, so it's any team's game - we're confident you'll leave feeling like you know lots of things.
  • What is the food and drink situation at the finals?

    There will be food and drinks available for purhase. We recommend bringing cash and small bills for a speedier checkout. Credit cards will also be accepted. We've also partnered with our food vendor, the amazing Tres Creole.. The menu will feature traditional favorites, shareable apps, and vegan/vegetarian options. We'd like to be able to keep this event free to attend, so we encourage all of our players to eat, drink, and be merry throughout the course of the evening! Come thirsty and hungry!
  • What payment methods will you accept?

    All major credit cards and cash will be accepted.
  • Can we bring outside food and/or drink?

    NO, absolutely not. Outside food and drink are not permitted. If a member of your team breaks this rule, your entire team will be IMMEDIATELY disqualified from the finals, escorted out of the building, and banned from future events. Per venue security, all bags are subject to search. This rule is in effect to comply with D.C. law. We very much want to keep the event free to attend, but need cooperation from each of our players to follow this rule and support via food and drink purchases.
  • What is on the menu?

    The bar will feature a variety of beer, along with wine. Mixed drinks (whiskey, vodka, gin, rum) are also available with classic mixer selections. On the food side, the menu will feature traditional favorites, shareable apps, and vegan/vegetarian options.
  • Will there be a vegetarian and vegan option?

    Absolutely, there will be vegetarian and vegan options. We'll have more details about the menu when the event date is closer.
  • What if someone on my team isn't 21 or over?

    Finals is a strictly 21+ event - no exceptions. Anyone under 21 will not be permitted to enter (even if they are being escorted by a parent). Bring your ID to enter. If you do not have your ID, or are not 21, you will not be allowed to enter the event. .
  • Are children or babies allowed to attend?

    Unfortunately, we cannot allow babies, children, or anyone under-21 to attend the finals.
  • Is there a limit on the size of the team I can bring?

    We have a strict 35 person limit. This is not a joke. Do not go over. Remember - the higher the team total, the less prize money per player so there is strategy in determining the amount of players on your team. Individual seats are not guaranteed for large team members. The best seating sizes are 6-12.
  • What have you changed since last finals?

    The National Housing Center will be ordering new speakers to improve sound quality in the atrium. We've added more drink and food options, and more raffle prizes. We've also added a "Best Dressed Team" category for points.
  • A teammate will be late - can they still play?

    Yes, team members can still participate if they arrive late to the venue. However, a host will escort them to the team's table and they will have to put their phone in the cage immediately.
  • How are you going to prevent cheating?

    We’re going to trust in the goodness of people. Just kidding, hosts will be roaming and monitoring the floor.
    ABSOLUTELY NO PHONE USAGE WILL BE ALLOWED DURING TRIVIA. Your hand-held devices will be on lock down and if you are seen with a phone without previous permission, your team will be disqualified. Each team should bring some form of cage to house your cell phones. We'll be awarding bonus points to the best cell phone cages - 5 points for 1st, 3 points for 2nd, and 1 point for 3rd place, so get creative! All teams should bring a cage.
  • Why do some teams have points before the event even starts?

    The grinders among you have put in the time and spent 5 months clawing your way to the top. Because of your dedication, the teams that qualified via the monthly semi-finals route will receive 10 bonus points at the finals. Teams that do not receive the bonus points are from former venues or Free Passes.
  • Will trivia still be happening during the "off-season"?

    Of course! Your weekly venue will still have trivia. Gift cards will be awarded to the top teams, but points do not qualify for Winter 2020 until Monday, September 30th.
  • What exactly is a cell phone cage?

    A cell phone cage is something to hold your team's cell phones and a way for the most creative members of your team to get involved. It does not need to be a literal cage - no locks are required. Most teams like to tie it into the theme of their team name, but again - it's entirely up to your team! Cell phone cages may not contain any hints or references that could provide an advantage competitively (for example, a cage could not be a cut open globe). District Trivia staff will announce throughout the evening when cell phones should go in the cages - and when they can be taken out. The top 3 cell phone cages (as determined by the District Trivia hosts & staff will earn bonus points that will go toward their total score (aka getting you closer to the $5000 cash). Top cell phone cages will also win prizes in addition to points.
  • What is the new "Best Dressed Team" category?

    We love your creativity and want to celebrate team unity. For the first time, we're added a "Best Dressed Team" category. What does that mean? We're not sure - you and your team should show off your team spirit. The District Trivia hosts & staff will vote and the top team will earn bonus points to their score and an additional prize!
  • What if I NEED my phone?

    Doctor on call? Wife about to have a baby? Need to check a health monitor? Talk to staff individually and we will work something out that allows you access and prevents the perception of cheating.
  • Will there be TVs showing sportsball?

    There will be no additional TVs (beside monitors that show the main stage), as it's all about the trivia at the Finals. For the latest sports scores, you'll have to check your phone between rounds - be sure to listen to the host as to when you're free to do so. We will have a DJ that will be playing music and keeping the time between questions poppin'.
  • Is there an after party?

    Yes! This year's after party will take place at Crown & Crow. The bar is just 0.2 miles (5 minute walk) away from the National Housing Center. This Victorian bar on Logan Circle features craft cocktails, beer, and wine.
  • When does the Winter 2020 season start?

    The finals are taking place at the tail end of the "off-season". Thus, the next season qualifying will begin on Monday, September 30th. We'll update the when is trivia season page as soon as possible. Reminder that months can vary from 4-5 weeks. A trivia week (and overall month) will always start on a Monday and end on a Sunday. Remember to keep your team name the same for each month of qualifying.
  • But I still have a question?

    Click the envelope at the top left corner. Select "tournament" from the dropdown options. Someone from the staff will respond as quickly as possible. Please note you'll have to solve a simple math problem (like 5+7) to prove you're not a robot.