How to become a TV show contestant?


This is for any trivia player, friends of trivia players or any one that wants to see themselves on TV!


You'll have 30-seconds to answer 5 questions. You get them all right, you win. Questions vary in topic (pop culture, music, science, sports, history and many more). The questions would be worth 1-5 points on an average night of trivia. Check out previous episodes on our Youtube Page. Contestants tape 3-4 games, so you'll have multiple chances to win!


The show is taped at Comcast SportsNet studios in Bethesda, Maryland. Studios are one block from the metro and there is ample street/garage parking.


Tapings are bi-weekly on varying days of the week. Primarily Monday to Thursdays from 7-9pm.


We love trivia and so do CSN viewers. Plus it's a fun way for you to impress your friends and get a sweet bag 'o swag. ALSO your team can win a Free Pass to the CSN Trivia Finals (aka your chance at $5000 cash) - just have 3 of your teammates go 5 for 5 (just once each in their multiple attempts!).


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