Who are the Top 10 Teams?

We recognize that some teams are exceptional trivia players, but may have been narrowly beat out in the semi-finals. Thus, each season we give the Top 10 teams a Free Pass to the finals.

How do we calculate the Top 10 teams? We take the total scores for all teams across the entire season and divide that number by the number of events held at that venue. So, if there was a holiday or snow day and an event was cancelled, that isn't held against a team's total score. Although, if your team likes to change team names each month, then this will appear as different teams will calculating seasonal scores.

The Winter 2017 Top 10 Teams:

Team Venue Total Score Events Held Average Score
High School Prom Mister Days (Thu) 5137 16 321.06
The Occularists Acre 121 5167 17 303.94
GNO Penn Social 4746 16 296.63
Table 3 vs the Volcano Bier Baron (Mon) 4609 16 288.06
Table 3 vs the Volcano St. Arnold's (Cleveland Park) 4587 16 286.69
Skynet Acre 121 4567 17 268.65
Pancake Pirates The Board and Brew 4232 16 264.50
Masterpieces of Manflesh Penn Social 4572 17 268.94
Rigged! This game is rigged! Mister Days (Thursday) 4212 16 263.25
Trivia Bear Brickside 4166 16 260.38