Trivia Magic Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is required for entry?

    Each individual member of your team requires a ticket for entry. No exceptions. Tickets will be scanned via phone SquadUp QR code or PDF printout. If your teammates will be arriving at different times, ensure that each member has a unique PDF ticket (to prevent 1 ticket being scanned twice and us having to deny entry). Upon purchasing the table, you'll receive an email with the corresponding number of individual tickets.
  • When is Trivia Magic?

    Trivia Magic will take place on Wednesday, November 20th.
  • Why did you reschedule to November 20th? Wasn't there another option?

    Due to a conflict with the World Series Game 7 (the first time Washington has had a team competing since the 1930s!), the largest sports bar in DC was unable to host both events on October 30th. The only other date available at the venue was Wednesday, November 20th. We hoped that the long lead-in time, coupled with it being the same day of the week, would allow the most teams to attend the new date.
  • What if my team or members of the team can't attend the new date?

    We're sorry to hear that! We can issue partial refunds if only some of your team cannot make it. Please email us at triviamagic at district-trivia dot com from the email you purchased tickets. Include 1) Transaction ID 2) Team name 3) TOTAL number of tickets to be refunded. For example, if you have a team of 6, but only 2 can’t make it (now you’re a team of 4), put 2 for number 3.
  • Can we add tickets or still purchase tickets for the 20th?

    Yes! If you want to add to your team, email us at triviamagic at district-trivia dot com. Let us know your team name, how many you'd like to add, and what the total number of players on your team will be (previous tickets + additional). We'll respond with how to purchase tickets once they're released. If your team is new to Trivia Magic, tickets will be released next week - the amount is pending the number of tables refunded (and thus are now open since we sold out).
  • Will there be additional tickets sold at the door?

    Tickets will be available at the door IF we are not sold out, however that is unlikely. Only those with a ticket will be granted access to the venue. No exceptions.
  • Can I just watch and not participate?

    All those who enter the venue are assumed to be playing trivia and thus require a ticket for entry. No spectators.
  • How does seating work?

    Each purchase is for a specific table with a number of guaranteed seats. Know the exact number on your team prior to purchasing - no size exchanges. Sales are final. Upon purchasing your table, you will receive an email with individual tickets to distribute to your team. Ensure that each member of your team has a unique PDF ticket. At registration, teams will receive their Hogwarts Express ticket with their assigned table number. No hassle about finding your tables and seat the night-of!
  • Can we request a specific table or location?

    No, tables will be assigned based on team size and order purchased. Trivia and decorations will be throughout the venue. Bars and staff are located on both levels. If you have a special request or need (such as handicap seating), please click the envelope in the upper left corner of your screen and let us know in advance.
  • The table size I need is sold out - now what?

    Tables are sold based on number of seats available at the table - once that table size is sold out, they're gone. You'll have to adjust your team size accordingly on the table sizes available if you'd still like to attend.
  • Multiple teams have the same team name - what happens?

    Teams will be asked to vary their name so it's clear whose score is whose. The team that registers first will have first "dibs" at the original team name.
  • Can we combine different table sizes?

    No. Tables are arranged specifically to maximize the number of teams that can play - they are scattered throughout the venue and cannot be rearranged or combined. Do not purchase multiple tables in an effort to combine them - limit one table per team.
  • What time does the event begin?

    Trivia begins promptly at 7:30pm. Registration begins at 6:00pm.
  • What's the difference from last year's events?

    We'll be paying out more places in addition to the $1000 grand prize. Questions are new and different, as will be raffles and decorations.
  • Where will the event take place?

    The School of Witscraft & Triviary exams will be held at Penn Social in DC. Penn Social is a 21+ establishment, no exceptions. The event will encompass the entire venue - both the lower and upper floors, with bars (butterbeer and firewhiskey, anyone?!) open on each level. Staff, decorations and specials will be throughout the entire venue.
  • Can under-21s attend?

    Unfortunately, no. Penn Social is a 21+ establishment, no exceptions.
  • Will there be food and drink?

    Absolutely! Penn Social aka the Leaky Cauldron will have specialty themed drinks, their usual awesome selection of cocktails & drafts, plus a delicious food menu. Please eat, drink, be merry and take care of the staff.
  • What is the maximum team size?

    Maximum team size is 10 people. Tickets are available based on the table size. Individual tickets cannot be added or refunded. Know your team size before you purchase.
  • Can myself or a teammate arrive late?

    Yes, registration will have staff for a half hour after the event start time (8pm) and you will be escorted to your team's table. After that time, you will wait at the entrance and checked in at the end of the current round.
  • Should we wear costumes?

    YES! There are prizes for top individual, duos and team costumes.
  • What does my team need to bring?

    Cages (containers) to hold cell phones will be provided. However, teams may get creative and bring their own. Costumes are highly encouraged. District Trivia will provide quills and exam sheets. Do not bring the books or any other reference materials - they will not be allowed at the tables.
  • What are the prizes?

    The grand prize is $1000 cash. There will also be both an individual and group costume contest - prizes include a round of butterbeer, prop replicas and more! We'll also have raffle prizes throughout the evening, so if you are out of top contention, you'll still have chances to win! We'll also be awarding raffle prizes throughout the evening - your team can win Escape Room Arlington tickets!
  • What is the trivia format?

    Trivia will follow District Trivia's regular format. Obviously all questions will be based in the Wizarding World - books, movies, supplemental texts and general canon are fair game. We've done our research - the questions will be challenging and strict anti-cheating spells will be placed around the venue. The questions will be completely different than last year, so those returning for year 4 do not have any advantage.
  • How do you prevent cheating?

    In addition to anti-cheating spells, staff will be monitoring the room while questions are being asked. All team's cell phones must be placed in their "cage" (a container) at the start of each round and remain there until the host announces teams are clear to use their phones. There is a zero tolerance policy for cheating - teams suspected will be escorted from the premises and no refunds will be given. Tables cannot be combined and teams cannot help other teams.
  • Should we study?

    The questions will be "Hermione"-level. You don't need to study, but the questions will be difficult and occasionally obscure. We guarantee you'll get some questions correct, but it's up to your team how badly you want to win that $1000 cash grand prize. When "studying" means rereading and rewatching, who can complain? Also, there's no need to stress about not being an expert. There will be raffle prizes to be won throughout the whole evening.
  • I still have a question...

    Click the envelope in the upper left corner and select "Trivia Magic Specialty Event" from the drop down menu. Our staff will respond as soon as possible.